Sunday, November 14, 2010

More Links to Old Travel Stories

It occured to me today that while I had posted links to previous trips, I had neglected to post about my trip to London/Greece in 2008.

24 Hours In London - we did a very brief stopover on the way to Greece in London. Having friends there made it easy to spend a very busy 24 hours exploring the city.

Cruise with Contiki in Greece - Aegean Classic 7 day tour (definitely recommended)
Day 1 - waking up early in London, easyJet flight to Athens, meeting the Contiki Group
Day 2 - onto the boat, lounging around, Mykonos
Day 3 - wake up in Turkey, Ephesus, turkish coffee, baklava, Patmos, beach!
Day 4 - Rhodes - acropolis, beaches, fresh clean clothes
Day 4 pt 2 - drinking games with the Contiki group
Day 5 - Crete, Santorini, donkey rides, toga party
Day 6/7 - Athens, delayed flights, trekking between airports, home!

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