Thursday, October 28, 2010


Welcome to my travel blog!

Being in the travel industry has given me many travel opportunities. When you're exposed to travel day in and day out, you start to dream about the places you want to go and the exciting things you want to experience. So, in the spirit of travel, I've started this blog to share my experiences with the world - and to encourage you, the reader, to try some of the things I've done!

Where have I been?
Australia, Singapore, London UK, Ireland, Greece, Turkey, Amsterdam, Italy, France, Finland, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Calgary, Quebec.

Where do I want to go?
Turkey, Costa Rica, Belize, Peru, Spain, Germany, Tanzania, Thailand, New Zealand, Morocco, Egypt, S.E Asia, India... to name a few

Why be a travel agent?
I get asked all the time "Why would I use a travel agent instead of booking on my own?" - here are my top 5 reasons:
1: We've got your back when something goes wrong - we're the ones who spend our days dealing with the airlines when you have to change things so you don't have to.
2: We've got the expertise - we know what countries you need a visa for, can tell you what companies are truly great and which ones to avoid, and many times have already been where you want to go.
3: We've got the savings - in both time and money. We have deals you can't get online  and can save you the hassle of checking out all the websites trying to find a lower price.
4: We've got the personal touch - sometimes it's just nice to talk to someone. In PERSON. We're real people you can trust.
5: We're not going to lie to you - We work FOR you, not the supplier. Our goal is to make sure you get the best value because we want you to come back to us again.

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