Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And We're Off!!


I came up with the brilliant plan to stay up all night so that I would be sufficiently tired for the flight from Toronto to hong kong. It was kinda working too until I caught my second wind and the realization that I am indeed going to Asia set in.

Ren and Eric met me at the airport and we checked in. They had followed my logic and also stayed up all night. Because Hong Kong is 12 hours ahead of home I wanted to trick myself into thinking it was night time when I got on the plane. After dropping off our stuff we made our way through security and found a spot to sit and eat some breakfast - which was the saddest excuse for breakfast ever.

Waited around and took silly pictures with the bronze cats adorning gate 173 of terminal 1, and eventually boarded the plane.

Would you believe it's my first time flying Air Canada- with the exception of a couple weeks ago when I flew from London to Ottawa for my cousins surprise birthday party. I'm pretty impressed with the seat back entertainment and size of the seats thus far. However I might not feel the same 15 hours and 16 min from now, since that's when I get off this plane. At least I can plug my iPod in and charge it up, since it would pretty much be dead after a few hours.

Managed to get almost 2 hours of sleep in before food came around.  The options were chicken or pork so I said chicken. I was actually surprised-chicken in a white peppery sauce with pasta. On the side some cucumber salad and bread. Chocolate cake for dessert. Definitely better than I was expecting.

Torn between staying up and watching movies and napping. I think sleep will still make the most sense.

8:07am hkg time
Have managed to sleep off and on for the duration of the trip. Watched a couple movies and seem to wake up just in time for food. They brought around some ramen and sandwiches. More than anything I'm feeling dried out from the stale air.

Only about 5 more hours. Can't believe I've been on this plane for 10 hours already. I've probably slept for about 6 of those hours though not consecutively.

Upon arrival in HKG the idea is to find a hostel and drop our stuff off before wandering around. We've got plans to see the Peak, taking the tram up to the top and seeing the harbor. I wouldn't mind hitting up a market and looking at all the random stuff. There was something else on the list but I don't recall what it was

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