Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Central America - Where and What to do?

My cousin informed me earlier this year that if I wanted/needed a travel partner for this summer she would gladly follow me anywhere I wanted to go.

That's a pretty tall order to fill, wouldn't you say?

I'd originally wanted to organize a trip to Egypt with the bunch of us that were in Peru together, but a few things came up that would make such a trip somewhat difficult (including, but not exclusively limited to the issues Egypt has had lately).

So then I started thinking about Central America. I'd enjoyed Peru a lot and I had been considering doing a trip there earlier as well. I asked my cousin what she thought and she said she was up for an adventure to anywhere I was hoping to go... so the planning started.

Unfortunately I don't have as many vacation days this year as I had last year, so my time will be a bit shorter than in previous years (though I think I hit the jack pot last year with trips to Vegas, Vancouver, Finland/France/UK AND Peru all between April and November) but I still think it's do-able to see as much of the area as possible.

The options consist of 2 different ideas:

Costa Rica and Panama - lots of adventurey things to do plus a bit easier to get around and more backpacker friendly but more expensive due to being more touristy

or Mexico (Cancun/Cozumel/Playa Del Carmen), Belize and Guatemala - a bit more off the beaten track, with lots of diving/snorkelling to do as well as a bit cheaper and things like Mayan ruins to check out.

At this point the price of flights is similar to all destinations so that's not a big factor - but I'm taking advice and  suggestions - where do you think I should go?

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